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Lowwrance HDS Carbon MFD
Lowrance Sonar-HDS Carbon MFD Series employs a dual-core, high performance processor and the SolarMAX HD screen uses a high-bright LED backlighting and advanced anti-reflective coating. See it all underwater with Lowrance 3D SideScan Imaging.
The New Hook 2 Series offers many different sizes up to 12 inches along with Chirp, SideScan and DownScan Imaging on the TripleShot Transom Mount Transducer. Lowrance Elite Ti Series offers a high-resolution touchscreen display up to 12 inches and a Built-in wireless connection. The Elite Ti Series offers a TotalScan imaging transducer for any view you desire. Don't forget about the New FishHunter Pro Castable Sonar for all your quick trips to the lake.
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